Everybody talks about Auckland house prices, but nobody talks about how much a sex shop in Auckland needs to sell in order to make a profit. Any adult shop in Auckland has two ways to be profitable if they want to be able to pay the rent - to sell heaps or to increase the prices of their sex toys.

How do we know?

Well, we bought an Auckland-based sex store in Albany. Keeping the stock in Auckland is expensive – warehouse costs are soaring across the city. We understood straight away that sex shops in Auckland must offer some really good experience for the customers – whether it be an excellent service, unique design, and a massive range of unique and top quality products. From what we saw, it wasn’t the case. Usually, it's just that regular shops try to make a living (or franchise); no matter if it is in Queen Street, Papakura, Manukau, or the North Shore. All are the same.

Affordable Sex Shop in Auckland

In order to be able to provide an excellent service and the best prices, we decided to keep out from a brick and mortar sex shop in Auckland and focusing solely on what we do best – online shopping.

Offering a massive range of products, very easy to crawl website, and a free gift for any purchasing makes it a no brainer. Of course, you can go to your nearest sex shop and look for sex toys, but just make sure that you’re buying from us when you made up your mind.

It won’t be long before you get the parcel as we’re using really fast shipping services, especially in the north island. And given you’re using a credit card, you’ll see a very innocent store on your receipt. That’s how clever we are.

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So if you live in Auckland and looking to spice up your sex life, it will be easier to buy from our shop online, rather than to finding a park in Auckland, plus – it will be cheaper! So buy online & save!