Wellington is well known for the bars and restaurants, and every tourist who comes to the city will find himself watching the exhibits in the Te Papa museum sooner or later. This city really has a lot to offer, but not so much when it comes to sex toys.

How do we know?

Unfortunately, in this great city, you can’t find more than 3 or 4 adult shops including Lower Hutt. But why? Are people in Wellington avoiding sex, or maybe they’re very orthodox about it? Not only that, but being located not far from Victoria Street will cause you the pain of paying for parking. Yes, you can go a bit later to avoid the parking meter, but the shop will be closed by the time you’ll get there. And what about fuel and your precious time? Driving uphill is not very economical, especially in Wellington.

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Besides, it could be a real nightmare to hold your sex toys while it’s so windy outside, and maybe a little bit of rain. So windy that the bag might slip from your hands, and before you notice, the new dildo will roll over the hills straight to bay’s water. Don’t worry; it will be retrieved in the Te Papa museum after they pull it out from the water, as a special weapon from the ice age. Or worse - the council will fine you for littering the water. What a great Sunday it is.

We’re offering you something way better - regardless if you’re living in Island Bay or Khandallah. It will only take our super-fast shipping service up to 48 hours to bring your new sexy toy to your door front, and it’s going to be discreet as well so you can still surprise your partner with it.

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