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What is the Best Age to Start Using Sex Toys?

When you are a teenager, there is no psychological difference between having sexual intercourse or using a sex toy; they are both considered to be sexual experiences by the experts. Where there is a sex question, you can be sure that science has tried to answer it using test subjects and data analysis. They have discovered there are both risks and rewards associated with teenage sexual debuts, and it doesn’t matter if it’s with a toy or a human.

Should Everyone Try Out Sex Toys at the Age of 16?

There’s so much to be said about the benefits of sex toys but not so much about when to start using them. Psychologists have sectioned sexual activity in teenagers into 3 categories:

First sexual experience (not necessarily sexual intercourse, could be oral, mutual masturbation, necking, petting, etc.) occurring before the age of 15 is considered EARLY.

A first sexual experience between the ages of 15 and 19 years old is deemed to be NORMATIVE.

First sexual experience happening after the age of 19 years old is considered LATE.

We can extrapolate from the above categories that if a teenager younger than 15 years old is already using sex toys, they are definitely beginning their sexual experiences early. And there are a host of psychological drawbacks to that as we shall show.

Early Sexual Experiences

Doing anything sexual before the age of 15 has been linked to several negative behaviour traits in both males and females:

Males: Early sexual practices, whether human or toy, have been linked to aggressive and antisocial behaviour in males, and a higher risk of drug use and alcoholism.

Females: Early sexual practices in girls have been linked to low self-esteem, depression, shame, and guilt.

Normative Sexual Debut:

Experiencing a sexual awakening between the ages 15 to 19 years is considered to be well within national averages. The only drawbacks linked to it is that males have been shown to benefit from it more than females! When a male has sex between 15 and 19 years, he is seen as more desirable, is held in high regard by his peers, and receives a boost in confidence.

With normative girls, when they have their first sexual experience, they are more prone to internalizing symptoms of guilt, bouts of depression, and peer criticism.

Late Sexual Experiences have not been linked to any negative side effects. This is probably because the participant has withdrawn themselves from that cesspool of misinformation and scandal called high school. From this information, we can deduce that it’s probably okay to start using sex toys from the age of 19.

Hang on a minute! Why are we letting science decide for us when is the best age to start using sex toys?

Sex Toys Can Help Make Your First Time Better

There is no question that first-time penetrative sexual intercourse is better for males than it is for females or submissive males. If there is the slim possibility that using sex toys can even the playing field a little bit, we should be looking into it.

Vibrators and Dildos Can Make First Time Sex Less Painful: No matter what sexual orientation you are, using a well lubricated, small girth vibrator or dildo to open up and wet your passage can make first-time sex less painful. No person can say with honesty that their first penetration wasn’t sore. It feels like someone is trying to push a boiling hot cactus up inside, not just once, but multiple times. And that’s not considering the struggle to find where to put it the first time.

If a young person had access to sex toys that would help them have a better first experience, then parents should be handing out dildos and lube at the same time they give their children the talk about safe sex and a packet of condoms. Imagine how positive a first-time sex experience would be if there was less fumbling around with orifices and more cranking up the vibrator and slathering on the lube? That would be the best counteraction to possible feelings of confusion and depression afterward, without a doubt.

When Should a Couple Start Using Sex Toys in Their Relationship?

First Time Having Sex as a Couple: If you have a favourite sex toy that you will struggle to have an orgasm without, it makes sense to bring it out or at least allude to it the first time you have sex. If the person you are with is too insecure or immature to handle the fact that you need a little help in getting off, then they are not the one for you.

Just leave your side table drawer open so that they can see what’s inside, and you won’t need to explain further; either they’ll be into it, or they won’t. If your date can’t handle the fact you like to use a vibrator or lube in between the sheets, then they should know that your sex toys have been around longer than they have.

Or you could just wear your sex aid as part of your outfit. Who’s going to turn down someone wearing a cute pair of nipple clamps under their blouse?

Should You Try Using Sex Toys When Sex Has Become Boring?

There have been countless stories about couples having threesomes with escorts to rev up their sex life, and it can go in one of two ways depending on your relationship.

Scenario 1: The male partner begs the female partner to have a threesome together to put some spice back into their sex life. The female agrees with enthusiasm that ranges from non-existent to acquiescent. They call the escort, but when she/he arrives, the wife locks herself in the bathroom crying hysterically and threatens to kill someone.

Scenario 2: The male and female partners agree to keep things fresh and interesting in the bedroom and come up with ideas they both like. If they decide to have a threesome, the female partner must arrange everything. When the escort arrives, the male partner can watch, and only join in when the female partner says so.

If your relationship is more like scenario 1, don’t buy sex toys, see a therapist instead.

If your relationship is more like scenario 2, then get busy buying as many sex toys you can handle to make your sex life as hot and horny as your imaginations.

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