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Will We Prefer Sex Robots to Sex Workers in the Future?

The future is bright. It will hopefully also be full of punters who will prefer paying a robot or android for sex instead of a human being.

There will be some reading this who might say “Well, what’s the difference?”. Sex workers, prostitutes, street walkers, hookers, gigolos, escorts, hostesses, sex slaves – call the trade whatever you want – but there is always a danger when dealing with humans and sex, that things could get messy and complicated.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to expel all of that sleaze and drama and simply hire a robot specifically built for intercourse instead? The name that they are given in some sci-fi movies is a Sexbot.  

Sex Robots 

Sexbot Vs. Sex Worker

Sexy silicone life-size dolls have been on the market for the more affluent toy collector to buy for over twenty years. One of the companies who creates them, Real Doll, has just launched their first interactive, talking, warm-skinned sex robot with a range of personalities to choose from, which will retail for around $20,000 USD.

Some of the features that will differentiate this talking sex doll from the average sex worker are:

Sex Worker
Can have a blemished skin with stretch marks, bruising, etc.
Manufactured with a flawless pseudo-skin that warms up
May do drugs
Cannot do drugs
May secretly film you, follow you home to find out where you live and then bribe you
Will not seek to bribe you in any way
Runs the risk of the police busting in on you
The police will leave you alone 
Can have or transmit to you a variety of diseases
Has no diseases 
May have a pimp who uses the cash she earns to fund a car-jacking business
May smell of cigarettes, alcohol, a previous client, etc.
Does not smell
Can stick sleeping pills in your drink and steal your car
Runs the risk of falling pregnant
Cannot fall pregnant

Sure, maybe the first column is a worst-case scenario – but these are things that happen to the clients of human prostitutes every day – which wouldn’t happen if a sexbot had been hired instead.

Why it was OK to do it in the Past

In certain social groups, having a beautiful and expensive mistress was a sign of wealth and power. With society evolving towards a more family-centric or life partner viewpoint, the old patriarchal ways of keeping a secret lover or cruising the streets and brothels for sex, just seems lame at best and stupid at worst. It can also be prohibitively expensive if the client’s desire is to keep the risk factors as low as possible.

With the advent of moral and religious thinking in the past, sex was treated like the source of all evil. If the reigning powers could have dispersed with it all together, they most certainly would have. It made sense for anyone needing to express their sexual needs to make use of ladies or gentlemen of pleasure, who knew such arts as fellatio and anal sex that would ensure no pregnancy or recriminations resulted in the coupling.

Supply Meeting Demand

Prostitution is called the oldest trade in the world for a reason. Early on in the male/female dynamic, the weaker sex realised that sex was a tool that could be used for barter. The male of the species needs sex more often than the female, and by trading goods, he could get services.

This mode of thinking seems really out-dated as we approach the end of the first quarter of the 21st century. In the Western world, it is no longer frowned upon to be interested in same-sex urgings. Unwanted pregnancies are now only something that it done to get a show on MTV. And cybernetics are rushing at break-neck speed towards producing interactive robots that can chat to humans and move.

The latest sex doll, called Harmony from the Real Doll company, has a sweet voice which is used to express snappy dialogue. She can have a variety of hair colours and breast size; her feet and hands are perfectly formed and manicured; her vagina is able to be tightened and repaired with glue; she is always open for business.

Unfortunately, it is still possible to catch an STD from a sexbot if someone else uses it. And just like a real person, once the doll is out of sight, it will never be possible to be entirely certain that they are not active with someone else. There have been tales, possibly apocryphal, of men traveling to dodgy parts of the world, taking a blow-up doll for companionship, and then catching a disease because the staff in the hotel where they stayed used the doll.

It is certain that, as the world becomes increasingly progressive about all sexuality, that it will soon become normal to say “I’m going to spend the evening at home with my sexbot.” This is already how it is shown in movies like Bladerunner 2049.

It is going to be interesting to see how the sex industry handles having some gorgeous androids pull the plug on their party that has lasted for around 5000 years. It is an encouraging thought to think that much human suffering and greed will soon be eradicated when sexbots begin mass production and acceptance.



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