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Sex Toys and AI

Will Sex Dolls + AI Contribute Towards the Extinction of Our Species?

The debate over Artificial Intelligence becoming self-aware and taking over the world has been locked into the public consciousness since The Terminator movie hit our screens in 1984. There were more than a few people in the audience who thought to themselves, “The Terminator is so hot – I wouldn’t mind if he was chasing me around town.” And that is where the link to AI and human-looking machines really comes into the forefront.

Will robotic partners who are programmed to be completely compatible with us, look absolutely gorgeous and bring us to orgasm in the way we want, eventually lead to the destruction of mankind?

 sex toys of the future


Sex Dolls and Sailors

The first sex dolls, to our knowledge, were invented by Dutch seafarers in the seventeenth century. With voyages lasting as long as 4 years and same-sex liaisons being frowned upon, it made sense to sew together a female form for masturbatory purposes. An actual industry sprang up from this supply meeting demand and they were shipped as far afield as France (Dame de Voyages – ‘voyage lady’) and Spain. The term ‘Dutch Wife’ is still used today in Japan to describe a sex doll.  

It seems fitting that the oldest dildo ever discovered was found in Germany in 2005. All 20cm of the polished stone was lovingly crafted around 28 000 years ago. It is an unusual artefact because it is of a male appendage. Female pudenda carvings have been found but never such a prize specimen as this huge phallic symbol.

Here follows a paraphrased quote from a 1908 book by Iwan Bloch. “There are fornicatory acts done with artificial imitations of the body or its individual parts. Very clever mechanics made from plastic materials or rubber are prepared of complete or partial male and female bodies. These are used as aides to masturbation. The genital organs are represented as true to nature. A secretion of pre-ejaculate fluid is imitated by a urethra-like tube filled with oil. Such artificial humans are offered for sale by the manufacturers of Parisian rubber.”

So, it’s safe to say that the human mind has long been obsessed with 
1. Making the best sex dolls humanly possible the minute it could 
2. Producing realistic versions of humans for sex 
3. Eliminating the need for human partners 
4. Making the replacements as close to life as possible

And this may lead to complications in the near future.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Sex dolls come in an incredible array of choices. Currently available on the market are overweight, elderly, intersex (both genitalia) and alien sex dolls which all have a market, but usually as humorous gifts.   

Then there is the da Vinci of sex dolls – the Real Dolls that are made in America (a fact that their website proudly announces with the ‘Made in USA’ logo). The male and female dolls on this site can be customised to the client’s specific fantasy or need.

Taking a peak at the selection is fascinating. Any hair colour, breast size, nipple colour, stereotypically pretty face and race is able to be ordered. The stand-alone or attachment penises come with movable outer skin that slides up and down and “floatable” testicles.

The female dolls come with silicone sleeves behind the mouth and vagina orifices that can be fitted with the “Auto-blow 2000” which simulates a sucking and stroking sensation. They have plans to make the dolls socially interactive with the ability to hold conversations.

It is hard not to be blown away with how far current technology has taken the sex doll industry. What is next, we may ask?

Object Sexuality

Objectophilia or sexual attraction and love of inanimate objects is a real thing. Just ask Erika Eiffel – the Eiffel Tower’s wife. She married the monument in 2007 (no one says if it was consensual or not). She states that her object love inspired her to become a world champion archer.  

This seemingly bizarre compulsion includes a large percentage (approximately 50%)of people on the Autism Spectrum. But can human-like sex dolls be included in this list? Not if the sex dolls can no longer be categorised as inanimate.

No completely functional anthropomorphic sexbot currently exists in 2018. Complex instrumented dolls have been created but there is definitely a conversation as to the moral justification of this. David Levy, chess champion and writer of the “Love and Sex with Robots” book, says that by the middle of this century, sex robots will exist.

He states (paraphrased): “I think that affectionate sexbots will be of great use to society because there are millions of people who are unable to establish good relationships.” Already prototypes who simulate human warmth are being developed.

What Does the Future Hold?

If a Westworld future cannot arrive fast enough for the adventurous sexbotter, then Artificially Intelligent chatbots (life-size silicone dolls with communication chips and moving parts) are already in production at Abyss Creations. The ‘realbotix’ company calls this engine Harmony.    

The vocalisations of the dolls can be chosen in an array of personalities but their phrases seem mainly to be composed of sexual innuendos and come hithers. The market price is around $20 000 USD – a hefty price tag for a plastic mould with a jaw that bobs up and down while a tape recording plays.

Mankind is driven by the need to have sex. But we are also driven by the desire to procreate. If someone is too disadvantaged to find a mate, then sex dolls could be a solution. The one thing that drives the invention of a sex doll with interactive capabilities that go beyond sex, is the human condition of craving companionship.

With companionship comes the possibility of that person controlling one’s happiness. There is not a normal person alive who would not love to be able to control a partner’s negative inputs and wish they came with an off switch. This is what Japanese man, Senji Nakajima felt.

He became so fed up with the complications and heartache of human relationships that he has chosen a full-sized silicone doll for a life partner. He states that he was tired of heartless sentient people and prefers his doll.

This touching love-story hit deaf ears with Kathleen Richardson and Erik Billing from their respective universities. They claim that the introduction of such devices coupled with AI will be harmful to society and demeaning to family life and women in general.

The price range of the top-line real doll items are in the eye-watering four to five figures. This ensures that the financially solvent are the only ones able to buy them. What an artificial intelligent model would cost is unknown but there is sufficient data to be able to say it would cost the same as a trip to the space station or more.

Someone with that amount of money is NEVER going to struggle to find a sex partner, one who would put up with any behaviour, disappear when needed or perform any complicated sex act.

And if that doesn’t guarantee the survival of the human race, Botswana has importation/distribution bans on sex dolls for men so we can breathe a sigh of relief that that country’s population will carry on the human race.

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