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FREE Shipping NZ Based Discreet Packaging
FREE Shipping NZ Based Discreet

The Cinder / Covid19 Poll

At Cinder, we are all very curious to hear about how our customers spent their time during the lockdown.

After all, there’s only so much Netflix series binging we can do before eye strain and boredom kick in.

So, did you use your extra downtime to get a bit jiggy in the bedroom or did you simply collapse in front of the tv screen with a bowl of popcorn?

To be honest, we had a really good time over at the Cinder warehouse packing and shipping our top notch sex toys to all you eager, housebound Cinderphiles out there! We love providing every sex-related item you desire straight to your doorstep. It wasn’t easy – but we managed to make it happen all the way to Level 2!!!

One final word to everyone out there who made it through the quarantine: Well done, New Zealand! Now, tell us a bit more about what you all got up to while stuck inside. : D

N.B. This is a fun poll. We don’t share your replies with a third party.

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