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Revealed: New Zealand's Top 10 Most Popular Sex Toys in 2020

-Our Top 10 Best Selling Sex Toys (and why)

There are some sex toys that fly off the Cinder warehouse shelves every month, and being the enterprising sexual sleuths that we are, the team decided to find out why this was the case. So buckle up and read all about the top ten best-selling Cinder sex toys for 2020, and why they are consistently popular.

If you’re wondering why we created this top ten sex toy items for you, it’s because last year, Newshub published a list of the most popular New Zealand sex toys sold by Adult Toy Mega Store. So, this year we are going to show you our list!

 Best Couple Toys

Unsplash: image credit

1. Satisfyer PRO 2 Next Generation Clitoral Sucker

When is a vibrator not a vibrator? When it’s a clitoral sucker. The number one best seller at Cinder pre-, during, and post- the Covid-19 pandemic was this little item. Clit suckers combine the use of air and suction. A circular hood is placed over the clit to simulate the sensation of oral sex. The handle is long enough for the user to maintain complete dexterity and control, and even after lube is liberally applied, you are still able to grip the non-slip handle.

Hands down, the Satisfyer PRO 2 is a winner in the budget-friendly bracket. It personifies an item priced to fly off the shelves. Women report that they love the bigger “mouth” suction hole, as it’s perfect for ladies with full, plump clits. If you enjoy the feeling of your clitoris being engulfed, the Satisfyer PRO 2 is for you.

2. Scream Queen Orgasm Cream

Our next best seller is linked to our top seller, so it makes sense it’s in our number two spot. If your clit is super-sensitive, use a high-quality, oil + glycerine-based lube cream like Scream Queen to create a barrier between your clitoral sucker toy and your clit. If you still feel like you’re going to hit the roof when you activate your sucker, try putting it on a lower setting first and then working your way up to full blast.

Both our top two best sellers are usually put into the shopping cart together, so Kiwi ladies are already clued up to the wonderful effectiveness of using these two products together.

3. Stoya the Destroyer Fleshlight

California blonde porn stars are so last century. This might be the reason why Stoya fleshlights give vibrators a run for their money when it cums down to the popularity stakes. Besides looking like she could break a man’s neck between her strong, milky white thighs, Stoya the Destroyer personifies that little something strange that is just what the jaded sex toy lover needs to perk them up.

The girl likes to keep things shaved and simple down there, and this model fleshlight does too. There are lots of beads and nubbins inside the Destroyer to keep the lower areas interested while you keep your eyes focused on her box, we mean, the image of her on the box.

4. Satisfyer Curvy 3 + Bluetooth Clitoral Sucking Vibrator in Pink

This product’s name is quite a mouthful, and when you use it, it feels as though someone has a mouthful of your clit – so it makes sense. The Curvy 3 uses pulses of air integrated with intense vibration to achieve the perfect balance of titivating pleasure and hi-tech stimulation.

Happy buyers have described the sensation given to them by the Curvy 3 as receiving oral sex from a very sexually talented robot. If you want all your AI android dreams to come true, this is the sex toy for you. Or you can just do what the rest of us do and imagine Brad or one of the Chris’s.

Satisfyer Curvy 3 

Unsplash: image credit

5. Complete Bondage Kit Deluxe

The Complete Bondage Kit Deluxe comes in a range of colours and offers a whole heap of bondage fun. Wrist and ankles cuffs, gag ball, collar and leash, mask, velvet-soft rope, and cat o’ nine tails. We think that covers all the bases!

If your partner wants you to ride them hard and then put them back into the barn wet, bondage kits are the best way to do it. While ticking all the starter kit boxes, this set is still able to satisfy the most hardened spanker – spankee combo.

6. Merlin USB Rechargeable Body Wand in Pink

With a name like the Merlin, you have a very high certainty of this item being absolute magic. Our sales figures don’t lie – the Merlin USB rechargeable body wand will cast a spell over whichever body part you place it on.

Cinder buyers report the Merlin as having a throbbing pulse-like vibration that can be set at anything from a soft tremor to pounding thrust. It’s an item that lends itself perfectly to multiple use to find the ultimate speed out of its seven settings.

7. Satisfyer Double Joy Bluetooth Clitoral Sucking Vibrator in Black

Yet another perfectly priced, highly enjoyable Satisfyer item. The product researchers at the Satisfyer factory must really love their job, and it shows because they are really, really good at making amazing sex toys.

Delighted Cinder customers report this U-shaped sex toy ensures a seductively erotic sensation for both partners when used. It fits inside the vagina (to stimulate the male partner) and also sits on top of the clitoral hood and pubic mound (for the female partner) – an all-round crowd pleaser guaranteed.

 Satisfyer Double Joy

Unsplash: image credit

8. Pretty Love Premium Silicone Rabbit Vibe

Anything with the word “Rabbit” in it (or on it) is going to hit all the right spots, no doubt. Pretty Love is so silky soft and ergonomically shaped that it will launch you into some of the hardest orgasms you’ve ever had in your life.

Partner feeling left out? No problem, just place the Pretty Love against the frenulum at the base of the glans and wait for this vibe to work its magic.

9. BLUEJACK Natural Herbal Sexual Performance Enhancer

As the only distributors of BLUEJACK in New Zealand, we have definitely done our research when it came to representing this one of a kind male potency supplement. The truth is – it works and has no nasty side effects either. Instead of making that embarrassing appointment to visit a doctor, Cinder customers who know better are buying bottles of BLUEJACK by the bucket load.

We won’t bore with a list of its efficacious ingredients here, but suffice it to say that since we started selling BJ hardcore male enhancing supplements, the positive feedback for the product has been 100%.

10. Vibrating Jelly Dong in Size 8 inches

Okay, so we’ve covered the vibrators that feel like oral sex and the ones that feel like a finger gently flicking your clit toward paradise – but we haven’t mentioned our best selling big old dong size penetration master – we are, of course, talking about the Vibrating Jelly eight inch Dong.

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter what sex you are, you just need the feeling of a big ass dong inside you and that is why this item fits nicely inside our top ten best selling sex toys in New Zealand for 2020 list.

Go on – spoil yourself with one of our best-selling items. Your orgasms deserve the very best!


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