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Top 5 Fetishes

Top 5 Fetishes & Which Sex Toy Item is Best for Them?

Let’s clarify the word fetish first, shall we? The definition of the word ‘fetish’ in psychosexual profiling is an item or physical characteristic that is used to gain and/or maintain erection. It has become a mainstream word used to signify an inexplicable passion for something. Fetishes were also used in primitive cultures, where they could symbolise a precious relic with magical or religious connotations.

Now, with all the science and etymology parts done, let’s get on with the good stuff!

What are the top five fetishes and which sex toy is best to use in conjunction with it?

1. Sexy Lingerie

This one is at the top of everyone’s list, and it behoves us not to underestimate the importance of embellishment when it comes to dressing up our bodies in preparation for sex.

Sexy lingerie can be divided up into several different categories, but the end results are all the same. The viewer is given a peek at the body underneath, and the type of lingerie used signifies the role or personality linked to the outfit.

Close your eyes and imagine someone wearing clean, white, cotton underwear. It fits smoothly on their body, showing all the curves and outlines, but blocking your view of what lies underneath – the ultimate image of naughty, but nice.

Now, keeping your eyes closed, think about your partner wearing a sheer, black body stocking or hip briefs. It clings to the body like a second skin; there are straps cutting into the chest and around the buttocks, thrusting them into prominence. You have a clear vision of every single body part, especially when they bend over. The sheer fabric allows you to look, but you can’t touch.

It’s easy to see the power of lingerie and its impact on the part of our brain linked to visual stimulation.

Sexy Lingerie categories include:

Nightwear – negligees, teddies, French knickers, etc.

Sexy dresses


Body stockings, catsuits, all-in-ones, etc.

Baby Doll


The categories can be further subdivided into edible, crotchless, plus size, petite, schoolgirl, swimwear, role play, etc. But that’s a subject for a whole other article. If you doubt lingerie’s ability to light a sexual fire, order some and see for yourself. There’s a reason they ban g-strings from nudist beaches, you know – it’s because the nudists find the sight of lingerie too sexy!

Our top pick for lingerie fetish: crotchless fence-net bodystocking in black – women

Crotchless sexy Bodystocking

Justus Boyz White Hip Briefs - men

2. Foot Fetish

What do Eddie Murphy, Will Smith, and Quentin Tarantino have in common? Yup – you guessed it. They are all proud, card-carrying members of the foot fetish appreciation society. Foot fetishism has long fascinated psychologists. They find it significant that the foot is the furthest body part away from the primary sexual characteristics, in other words, the sexual organs.

They corelate foot fetishism with one of the earliest stages of sexual development – crawling. Foot fetishists fall into 2 categories: those who love the feeling of helplessness the sensation of wearing high heeled shoes gives them, and those who love feet and shoes.

All you foot worshipers out there will be familiar with sites like the one here. And the fetish can be subdivided into several categories:

Bare feet

Feet with nail varnish

Stinky feet/shoes

Dirty feet

Toe cleavage

Leg wear (including stockings, pantyhose, tights, socks, and shoes )

Foot worship/podophilia

Foot punishment

Foot bondage

Foot jewellery and long toe nails

Our top pick for foot fetish gear: Baci Sheer Thigh High Stockings

3. Bondage

Bondage is not just big, it’s huge. The best thing about bondage is it doesn’t take a whole rigmarole to get started. All you need is a willing partner who complements your kink (submissive or dominant), a couple of ties or shoelaces, and you’re good to go!

Why do so many people love bondage, or at the very least, give it a whirl at some point in their lives? Maybe is because bondage is the easiest way to spice up your sex life without too much effort. It’s a case of “have belt/tie/adhesive tape? – will try bondage.”

The ethos behind bondage, according to proponents of the sport, is very simple. You can give or receive or do both, and it’s slightly dangerous, living on the edge stuff, without being overtly bizarre or obtrusive. Unless you’re Chuck Rhoades from “Billions,” of course.

Just off the top of our head, we’re going to list some bondage categories here:

Shibari (Japanese bondage)

Dripping hot wax


Cleaning, household work, etc. (such as dressing in maid’s uniform, scrubbing floors on hands and knees, licking of toilet bowls, etc.)

Puncture (needles, hooks, threading, etc.)

Castigating and paddling

Slapping, smacking, clamping, and whipping

Shocking, remote controlled vibes, etc.

Butt plugs

The list is incomplete, but it gives you an idea of what subtypes the art of bondage has. Bondage is so popular in the U.K. that bondage balls are held every week, that’s not to mention all the private parties and dominatrixes and dom-daddies there are!

Our top pick for bondage fetish play: Kinklab Bondage Basics

bondage restraint kit

4. Role Play

Our love affair with role play in the bedroom is one of long standing and is also inextricably linked to bondage and lingerie in some way. You can’t have a master and servant scenario without alluding to punishment and reprisal in some way. It’s as if the only way to turn up the heat is to dress the part.

Here are some of the most popular role play games:

Strict teacher + naughty pupil

Stern boss + sexually repressed employee

Two strangers meeting in a bar

Forceful sex and unwilling partner who eventually gets turned on by what’s happening to them (never to be confused with real life circumstances)

A remote familial person who wants to train and initiate a younger, more inexperienced member into sex for the first time

Someone who is not aware they are being watched while masturbating

Someone who is aware they are being watched, but carries on masturbating anyway!

The possibilities during role play are endless. It’s not surprising role play and fantasy sex toy items fly off the Cinder warehouse shelves.

Our top pick for role play games: Screaming O My Secret Remote Control Panty Vibe Set

Screaming o sale

5. Cosplay, Furries, and Ponies

We love soft toys, fancy dress parties, and horse riding when we are small so it makes sense we continue to love sexually fetishized versions of them when we grow up. Welcome to the weird and wacky world of gamers cosplay, furries, and pony play!

Fans of cosplay are quick to say it’s a loving homage to their world, but try telling that to all the scantily clad Lara Crofts and Maximus’s from the Gladiator movie out there. For every person dressed up as Chewbacca at a convention, you get a Jessica Rabbit.

Furries push the “loveable me” agenda quite forcefully, but there are dozens of furry hook-up online requests, so it stands to reason there’s an avid market for it. And as for pony play, we don’t need to look too deeply into things: just have a look at a male pony next time it’s out in the yard, and you’ll understand why pony play ticks all the right boxes!

Top sex toy pick for cosplay, furries, and pony play fetish: Fetish Fantasy Pony Flogger

And there you have it, Cinder readers, the top 5 fetishes and why they are so popular.

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