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A Glimpse Into the Future

What Will Our Sex Lives Be Like?

Film still from the 1927 sci-fi movie “Metropolis”

Image credit: Maschinenmensch film still from the 1927 sci-fi movie “Metropolis” - Pinterest

In our previous futuristic blogposts, we wrote about the very real possibility of an AI-based sex doll leading to a human race extinction event.

Yuval Noah Harari’s book, Homo Deus

Obviously, that scenario is far away if it’s even going to happen at all. However, we felt that all the possible alternatives haven’t been touched upon yet. So, we all had a debate in the Cinder warehouse as to whether we should close up the sex toy business in advance - given its probable grim future - or shift it over into something else entirely.

We tried drawing a timeline as a way to predict the future of sexual intercourse. If you’ve read Yuval Noah Harari’s book, Homo Deus (it’s really interesting), you will already be familiar with some of the outcomes here.

In his book, Harari’s speaking about another form of evolved human beings, but as we didn’t have more than 2 people who’d read the book on staff, everyone had to be very flexible and creative with their thoughts. A few staffers who’d watched “Demolition Man” were pretty certain the future would be exactly like the one Sylvester Stallone depicted in that masterpiece of cinematic perfection, but we eventually managed to come to some kind of consensus.

The premise we are using here is that somehow, humankind will manage to survive through the climate apocalypse, viral apocalypse, and cosmos apocalypse (giant asteroids colliding with Earth), and cancel culture. And if we, as a human race, are able to stay alive, how will we celebrate our resilience?

With this as our basic working premise, we went about imagining how would people’s sex life will look like:

20 years from now

50 years from now

200 years from now

and 2000 years from now?

Still from Woody Allen’s sexy sci-fi comedy, “Sleeper” 

Image credit: Still from Woody Allen’s sexy sci-fi comedy, “Sleeper”. IMDb (1973)

Sex 20 Years From Now

There was a majority agreement in the Cinder sex toy warehouse that sex robots will be the next new best thing in twenty years’ time – and maybe even sooner. No more STDs, no more relationship drama, and no more dreams about being with the hottest person alive – you’ll already be with a certified silicone doppelganger of them. Every feature and kink will be available based on your personal desires and predilections.

Each sex robot will have an inner skeleton-like structure, a Feel Real outer layer of “skin,” and an AI-CPU “brain” as standard. You’ll be able to customise your robot sex doll according to your taste and budget. Maybe a factory floor full of blank robot sex dolls, similar to blank CDs, will be waiting on order, and then the specified features, voice, and mannerisms will be imprinted onto the doll according to the order.

The human race will be divided into those who have the resources (money) and open mind to buy a sex doll partner/companion, and those who denounce the lifestyle choice and cleave to the old conservative ways with which they grew up. The conservative population would advocate that there should only be sex between flesh and blood beings. Maybe they will picket sex doll factories in protest.

DAVID - Next generation Weyland Robot

By Source (WP:NFCC#4), Fair use,

Less fortunate people without the budget or storage space (obviously apartments will be super-small in the future) will have to spend the night in sex doll brothels. Those are actually already available in a few cities around the world. We fully expect this phenomenon to expand and grow in popularity.

In twenty years’ time, given the big leap in the biotech industry post-Coronavirus age, we believe the female equivalent of Viagra will hit the markets and be a big hit in the markets! Women won’t have to say “I have a headache” when she’s not in the mood for a bit of nooky in the future. She can pop a female-centric Viagra instead of an aspirin and be raring to go within minutes. It would be the perfect cure for frigidity and peri/post-menopausal libido dips. It goes without saying that anyone with the inability to have an orgasm will have a pill for that too.

All of this orgasmic pleasure, of course, will lead to everyone in the future having a lot more sex alone, with a partner or sex toy, or at an orgy à la Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. This would be the polar opposite to the current trend in south-east Asia (especially Japan) where young adults have less sex, extending the age of heterosexual virginity.

We’ll be having more sex in twenty years’ time, and not necessarily with humans. The sexualisation of robots has been going on since automation first came to being. There are fairy tales in many ancient cultures about automatons being crafted out of wood or clay and imbued with life so that they can fulfil the sexual desires of their creator has ordered. This deep-rooted fantasy of the psyche will soon come true.

oe Pineapples and Hammerstein

Joe Pineapples and Hammerstein (above) from 2000AD’s ABC Warriors: Hypersexualised robots conceptualised in the 20th century. A Hammerstein exoskeleton costume is a popular uniform to wear to fetish parties in London.

What About Real Love?

Are we still going to have love or even want it? Are we even capable of having sex with a machine while maintaining true love with a human? Our minds are wired in such way as to seek out human affection and our soul mate. If we don’t have access to one, we create them in our imaginations.

We believe that if AI advancements include sex dolls, it will be a blissful bonus to many monogamous relationships. You’ll be able to have the best sex of your life with a robot who will never ask you to leave your partner and run off with them! You won’t have to pester your partner for sexy shenanigans when you’re in the mood and they’re not. And you can live out your kinkiest, dirtiest fantasies with a robot that has been programmed to love it. Threesomes? Yes! Sitting and watching? Double yes! The list is endless.

Sex with a robot wouldn’t be considered cheating, same as it is not considered to be cheating when a partner uses sex toys. Anything that’s plastic and vibrates is socially acceptable as long as it doesn’t involve another human being.

Roland official

Roland Official: Image credit from Roland Official

Speaking of not cheating or consummating a relationship with sex, why buy a sex doll when there are male hosts in Japan like Roland. Male geisha’s such as Roland earn up to 42 million yen each month by sitting, drinking, and chatting with his female admirers. If this is not a good indication that the human race is edging towards fancying robots and non-sexual relationships instead of a fellow human, then we don’t know what is.

What Will Sex Be Like 50 Years From Now?

The Cinder crew predict an even better, funnier sexual era because physical touch won’t be required anymore. VR and neurotransmitters will plug into our brains and set our wildest imaginings free. It follows that VR sex will be highly addictive and people will prefer to live in the alternative universe they have created for themselves.

It’s possible that governments will try to ban or limit these wonderful new accessories, as its continuous use will reduce any productivity citizens might have. We will have nations of VR role play and game play sex addicts, just like in the movie eXistenZ – only much better. Not only would we be able to have as many orgasms as we could achieve, but we could even loop the virtual reality so that hour long orgasms were possible, similar to what happened in the brilliant movie, Brainstorm (1983).

Christopher Walken in Brainstorm 

Christopher Walken in Brainstorm (1983)

Everything will be intensely real, like your most vivid dream but with no limitations. To get to that point, however, we still need to find out how our brain works, as it still remains a bit of a mystery to us.

Given the current understanding of our brain and the development of neurology in the last 50 years, it’s conceivable that a VR thought and sensation recording device is possible within a few decades. The field of neurology has moved rapidly away from lobotomies as a “cure” for hysteria, to highly effective drugs, EEGs, brain mapping, and much more. The capabilities to manipulate the brain function and understanding precisely how it works are just around the corner.

One thing though, is for sure – physical sex will be a dying occupation. We simply won’t need it to produce the next generation anymore. Pregnancy will happen in labs by selecting the best genes our DNA has to offer. Next comes IVF, and then the use of artificial womb for the incubation process.

Only extremely religious and impoverished societies will keep having physical sex for pleasure and to produce the next generation. Those naturally conceived and birthed generations will be genetically inferior to those created in labs by the artificial selection process (lower IQ, shorter lives, more prone to disease, and without recourse to body part regeneration created from frozen and stored umbilical stem cells). Therefore, the old method of bringing offspring into the world will eventually peter out and halt.


Image credit: Still from “Barbarella” (1968) - Pinterest

In 200 years, we will not have sexual intercourse anymore. We won’t need it. Sex will be treated as an archaic and undesirable by-product of evolutionary methods used in the past. The idea of producing kids naturally will be long gone.

Having sex to get an oxytocin and vasopressin hormonal rush will be replaced with long-lasting, non- addictive generic substitutes created in a lab. We might have some cyborg shows in a virtual museum teaching kids how humankind used to have sex for millennia before the invention of mass-produced, genetically superior clones. Yep, folks - sperm and ovum are redundant now too!

Transhumanists will be exceedingly dominant in every aspect of life. Ye olde sexe shoppe (Cinder), as you know and love it, might have transformed into an oxytocin derivative lab specialising in non-addictive bliss for your mind and body. If that is sounds scary and crazy, wait until you will hear our predictions for 2000 years from now.

 Charlene Theron in sci-fi action movie, “Æon Flux” (2005)

Charlene Theron in sci-fi action movie, “Æon Flux” (2005)

Imagine It Is Now 4020

You don’t have a tangible body. Nor do you have what could be called a mind or consciousness. You are part of a huge, beyond comprehensible, network of neurons, receptors, neurotransmitters, synapses.

It’s an amalgamation of you and us solving the most fundamental problems of the universe and shifting ourselves from one planet to another.

What we will do is unclear today, but we are sure that future us will have all the answers such as how we reached this body shape we have currently, and what is the purpose of our existence. By 4020 we’ll know why sex was such an important thing for the human race in 2020. Or maybe all of our urges and cravings will be only a short memory in the history of humankind. With the exponentially accelerating technological changes occurring as this article in being written (called Moor’s Law) it’s guaranteed to set us free from the chains of our corporeal bodies and overcome any universal human limitations.

Moor's law 

Image credit: Faculty of Science, Vrije University, Amsterdam

And if you think all of this speculation is far off the mark, remember that medicine and science thought that there were small people in men’s sperm only 300 years ago…


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