Taking sex toys into the 21st century with a bang, Lovebotz use the dildo + machine concept and create some truly wondrous devices.

For both the male and female markets, this range includes saddles, dildo pounders, auto-strokers, and milking cylinders, amongst many other jaw-dropping inventions.

If you like a good pounding and can’t get enough of the in and out action, then Lovebotz can give you what you want. This equipment ticks ALL the boxes. It is number one in girth, length, tightness, and realistic sensation. Just looking at this pumping pleasure piece makes the loins twitch in anticipation and delectation. Lovebotz are the original inventers of sex machines. They have perfected the development of robotic pounding thrusters. These high-quality auto-strokers and insertion propellers are mechanized to carry on at your command until satisfaction has been reached. The way these machines look makes it the closest you can get to having your own pleasure robot.

After buying one of these babies, you are all set to make your own sex sci-fi porn movie.