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Does Bigger Feel Better

No topic has caused such human misery, consternation, and conversation, then the topic we are talking about here. It causes sleepless nights of the best and worst kind. It drives people crazy in good ways and bad. Yes – we are taking on the controversial topic of why are big penises seen as more desirable than small ones.We don’t want to open a can of worms here, just discuss the facts.

The Finger is Pointing at YOU

Before we start, let’s get one thing straight (or gay, because the LGBTQ community is just as obsessed): The human race loves big penises. Our closest genetic relatives, the great apes, are not so great when you look at their body size and compare it to the size of their naughty bits. A male gorilla can weigh up to 400 pounds/180 kilograms, but their wangs are only 1.5”/4 centimetres.

This is because, through the process of natural selection, the female gorilla has preferred other attributes in a mate to a large penis. She wants her children to have traits from the father like aggression and domination. This is what makes him king of the jungle in her eyes. So, gorillas will continue to pass the small dick gene onto their children because it is just not important.

Comparison of Size of Penis 

 Back to humans, however, it’s a different story.

In the straight world, the size of a man’s tool is chatted about by both men and women in pretty much all cultures and countries. Straight women desire a sizable phallus in a partner. It cannot be described how disappointing it is for a woman to find a man lovable, take him to bed, and discover he has a micro-penis (don’t laugh, it’s a real condition).

In lesbian relationships, penetration by dildo is usually made with one that has girth and a fair bit of length. No lesbian goes into a sex shop and asks for a tiny dildo unless it is going to be used for anal stimulation.

In the trans community, most trans-men dream about getting a large penis transplant; or else having a large clitoris develop during trans-change. For the trans-man, a chunky member is one of the signs that affirm their masculinity.

In the gay community, massive joysticks rule. Even if a gay man enjoys a passive, bottom, femme lifestyle, a big dick is still seen as the accoutrement to absolute pleasure.

We are dealing in generalities here, so there may be some people who would disagree with these facts, but by and large, this is true.

Here’s the Science Bit

Don’t get us wrong, if a loved one has a diddy willie, a partner will in all likelihood carry on loving them and have their babies. This was, of course, easier back in the day when there was no sex before marriage. With partners being thoroughly test driven before a commitment is made, it has to be an extremely personable, kind, intelligent, humorous, and rich guy who can overcome the drawback of having a small johnson.

There is more science to it though.

Penis size being seen in a positive light actually depends a lot on the proportions of the rest of the man’s body.

Women rate men with bigger dongs more attractive. When asked to rate photos of flaccid peters, females universally loved ones of around 3 inches/7.7 centimetres. Taller men with flaccid organs longer than 3 inches scored even higher – but short men with choppers longer than 3 inches did not.

It has been suggested that women who orgasm through penetration and internal vaginal stimulation are the most prone to being picky about the size of a man’s pricky. This would be the same as saying that a woman who can only orgasm through oral stimulation would prefer a big tongue.

Researchers at the Australian National University chose 105 women to rate computer generated male figures in life-size. This is very important because height cannot truly be gauged from a photo.

The researchers varied the simulations flaccid penis sizes, shoulder-to-hip ratios, and height.

When the results came in, they revealed the 105 women preferred tall men with broad shoulders and narrow hips (shoulder-to-hip ratio). When the shoulders were narrow and the hips wider in the male simulation, the attractiveness rating plummeted.

The biggest determining factor in this hot-or-not beauty competition was the “wide shoulders and slim hips” requirements. It accounted for nearly 80% of what the 105 women found attractive. The size of the todger hardly mattered at all.

What the woman disliked the most was short, plump, and out of condition: tockley size wasn’t much of an issue except when the simulation was noticeably tall with a noticeably small winkie.

As women with a certain amount of mileage can testify, girth and length can become important if there is more vaginal space then a smaller size schlong can fill. This leads to all sorts of problems like ghastly schloopy noises during intercourse and the dreaded queeff.

When it comes to buying a dildo, the same rules apply. A woman who loves the feeling of vaginal penetration is not going to want to buy a tiny one to make herself feel good. The G-spot is quite deep inside, positioned towards the stomach; a nice 6 or 7 incher with a curved knob will make things a whole lot easier.

But women would gladly work around any issues a teeny tickler may have if the guy is worth it – as long as he doesn’t continually harp on about his deficiencies.

Don’t forget that the discomfort caused from a monster pecker is far more likely to lead to bedtime disharmony than a small one. If a man wants to know what that feels like, just fishhook your fingers into the corners of your mouth and pulls hard. While doing that, stick a baguette of bread down your gullet. Not very nice, is it? 

Tit for Tat in History

Penis Size and Ancient Greeks 

(Picture used here courtesy of Creative Commons/National Archaeological Museum of Athens)


Don’t pretend that your eyes didn’t just drop down and hover with a microscope on the statue’s penis size. Why did the Ancient Greeks think delicate penises were preferable?

The Greeks admired moderation and a weeny peeny was considered the ideal for the alpha, sporty, masculine man. Moderation was a key Greek virtue.

In the moderate Greek mind, being small down there, signified youth and athleticism, and erect and fun-house big was associated with old, goaty, and laughable.

This is not to say that the ancient Greek was not aware of the incredible variation in penis sizes out there. They must have seen many a moderate man at the gymnasium with a big dick and many an old, satyr-like idiot with a small one. They just chose to record their ideal-looking small dick men as statues for prosperity.

Why it changed has been debated. The huge popularity of porn (even in those days) may have brought the idea of a large cock into the wider consciousness. There may have even been an ideological change driven by women to body shame men with their penis size just as women had similar issues with men about the size of their breasts.

And just as there are people out there who find small, neat breasts on a woman very sexy, there are also those who find small penises completely fine.

That said, the issue of size is not about to disappear. There is even a dance track about it. Someone called “Fingers” brought out a Club Mix in the 90s, last century, called “Don’t Want No Short Dick Man”.

Maybe they speak on behalf of a lot of people out there.



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