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Are Sex Doll Brothels the Next Step Towards AI Domination?

Imagine the scenario. A brilliant hardware/software designer finishes his doctorate at MIT and announces to the world that he plans to design AI sex dolls for a living. Would there be shock and outrage? Or would people completely understand the calling? It would be a quick way to make big bank and save some of the population from catching STDs.

We are always ahead of the news here. The issue of sex dolls vs. sex workers has already been addressed in a previous article. So read on for more up-to-date information on how things are progressing on the sex doll drama in other parts of the world.

Kinky Escort Dolls

The Toronto-based company KinkySdollS may not have designed and manufactured their large repertoire of sex dolls, but someone there had a lightbulb moment and opened up a “Try Before You Buy” sex doll escort agency. It started out as a mail order business and then got inspired by the first “Bordollo” sex doll brothel in Dortmund, Germany.

The German bordollo has 12 life-size dolls that can be rented by the hour for €80.00. One of the dolls is male and one of them has large breasts and a penis. This seems to hit quite a big demographic; business is booming. The dolls in the house are non-sentient and are described by the bordollo owner as being “able to provide any service without complaint and are not sick.”

Why KinkySdollS saw this business model and then went ahead to try open one in Houston, Texas of all places, is perplexing. That said, they are facing the local Christian community’s full wrath and the obligatory spanner in the works from them. This is because the dolls are semi-sentient.

Sex Robot Brothels

The definition of a doll no longer being one and moving into the realm of being called a robot is because the ones that will hopefully be available in the Houston brothel can moan. This makes them “responsive” and places them in the robot category.

Of course, the Houston holier-than-thou hordes have gotten their “five for a dollar” knickers in a knot over this projected business opening in their high street. They are making vociferous unsubstantiated claims that it will lead to a proliferation of sex crimes and perversions (probably in addition to the ones that are going on in their homes).

This is the usual knee-jerk reaction to anything that is new and untried. Linking this to a business that is proudly announcing that people want sex, need sex, and want to be serviced, the resulting uproar comes across as part publicity stunt and part opportunistic overkill.

The American public is in danger of people not taking it seriously anymore. They have shown an alarming propensity towards forming a mob to protest against anything that smacks of the unknown or disliked. They need to open their minds and not their mouths.

 Responsive Sex Robots  

What is the Next Sex Doll Step?

When the Houston sex robot brothel hopefully opens, it will have a $10,000 advanced AI doll on display for punters to admire. This doll resembles the females in the hit TV show “Westworld” to a large degree.

The AI sex dolls are fully responsive, warm, wet in the right places, and can have a chat. Just like with 3-D televisions, after the thrill of the new technology has worn off and mass production has begun, the price will plummet and they will appear in many homes.

For those of you out there who crave variety and don’t have storage room for a talking robot sex doll in your house, there is sure to be a friendly sex robot brothel opening in your high street in the next decade or so.


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