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How to Counteract the Coronavirus Blues: Make Things Red Hot at Home Using These Sex Toys!!!

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Photo by A. L. on Unsplash

Coronavirus Sucks.

Is your libido experiencing a downturn because of the coronavirus – just like the economy? You’ll be pleased to know that there are several tried and tested ways to get your mojo back. When you think about it, you have more time to spend with your partner at home, and nothing else on your agenda. Can you leverage that into having fun and fantastic sex? Our experts at Cinder have tried to answer this question.

 Don’t Go Cheap When it Comes to Sex Toys

Even though fast shipping deliveries to your home might still be available - please for your safety – do not try to buy any second hand sex toys. Yes, we know it’s one of the cheaper options and there might even be some of you that get turned on at thought of wielding a pre-owned sex toy, but believe us when we say it’s definitely not the best way to keep yourself virus-free.

Viruses (and molecules of human waste) can cling to the surface of a sex toy for more than 3 days. You can’t clean a second hand sex toy with hand sanitiser because the alcohol in the sanitiser will react with the delicate mucous membranes on your privates. Nor can you boil or steam the sex toy: the molecules of fecal matter and semen fluid are ingrained onto the surface. Our panel of sexperts gave experimenting with second hand sex toys a resounding “NO” when we asked them to give it a try anyway.

 Stranger Danger

Thinking about having spontaneous sex with a stranger you meet online or via app? That’s probably something you should seriously reconsider. No matter how horny you become during lockdown, knowing that Covid-19 can remain undetected for up to 2 weeks once someone has been infected with it should be enough to make you reach for a porn mag instead!

You can further spice things up if you are in lockdown alone, by ordering one of our highly recommended high-tech sex gadgets. Believe us when we say that it will pass an hour as enjoyably as binge watching the third season of The Office.

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Photo by Dainis Graveris on SexualAlpha

Monogamous partners, however, will remain unaffected by the virus. This access to sexy proximity is ample reward for faithfulness, in our opinion. Your partner can not only take care of your sexual needs and fantasies during social isolation curfews, but you can also provide each other with the much needed mental stimulation and companionship single people are missing out on the most right now.  

a couple having sex during the coronavirus lockdown

Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

 What Does the Future Hold for Bacteriaphobes?

To be honest with you, a few of the Cinder sexperts mentioned that the Coronavirus epidemic has made them think long and hard (pun not intended!) about keeping healthy and infection-free in the future.

The aftermath of the pandemic might affect the number of sexual partners we choose to have in the long term. Fear of coming into contact with invisible viruses, bacteria, and other STDs might just cause us to distance ourselves from each other, and from those interesting social occasions that have made it possible for hook-ups in the past.

We can say, with a definite amount of certainty, that the prostitution, escort, and massage industries everywhere in New Zealand will experience an economic slump from which it will take them many, many months to recover.

 Never mind that these institutions are considered to be breeding grounds for bacteria at the best of times. After the social isolation enforcement has been lifted, we bet their old clients will never look at a massage parlour towel or escort’s bathroom again without a twinge of hesitation.

 dangerous sex during the coronavirus spreading

Photo by Taylor Harding on Unsplash  Sex and the Coronavirus: A Prickly Topic 

The Absolute Best Sex Toys to Get Acquainted with During the Pandemic

What are the best sex toys to use during the lockdown? First up, the best sex toys are the ones you’re not sharing with anyone else who isn’t your long term partner with whom you live. Secondly, use sex toys that lend themselves to easy cleaning.

If you absolutely, positively HAVE to hook up with someone, then use condoms. Spend long enough on Tik Tok and you’ll see that rocking the face mask look can add more spice to any sexual encounter, so consider using one of those as well. No need to pull a condom over your head just yet.

If you really want to have sex and are sure your potential partner is completely virus-free, you may want to try having sex in a position with maximum distance between your faces, such as doggy style.

Struggle to get aroused without hugging and kissing? This might be the perfect opportunity to explore your visual stimulation triggers. Stand or lie a few meters away from each other, look deep into one another’s eyes, and start to self-stimulate. You can choose to use your fingers beneath your underwear or massage and stroke another part of your body. Believe us when we say that the pleasure you feel while doing this to yourself is half that of the bliss your partner feels while watching you do it.

 Our Top Sex Toys to Use During Lockdown List:

  • Vibrators: We love vibrators because that can be used successfully by anyone – alone or together.
  • Flavoured condoms, lube, and massage oils – safe and delicious. Enough said!
  • The sexiest lingerie you dare to wear – dress up for yourself or for your partner. It’s all good.

use condom don't take the risk

Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

At Cinder, we are lucky enough to have our business online. Other sex shops will have a hard time operating during the epidemic with police cruising the streets to make sure no sex store is secretly open. This applies especially to Peaches and Cream, and their 12 bricks and mortar High Street shops.

Stay safe and healthy now and for the rest of the year!

Love from all of us here at Cinder.

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