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Wild Secrets

Wild Secrets

We have previously covered the operations of another adult toy products distributor – Peaches and Cream - the biggest online adult toy mega store. But what about other players in this market? Those who haven’t been around for long, but are well established overseas especially in Australia.

Today we’re analysing WildSecrets: one of the biggest online sex toy shop in New Zealand and Australia. Some may say it’s also the most aggressive adult toy distributor when it comes to online marketing.

Luckily for us, nearly all the information needed for our analysis is available online. However, if you find any mistakes in our article please let us know, and we’ll change it.

More About Wild Secrets

Currently Gerrard Giummarra is the managing director of Wild Secrets. He’s a serial entrepreneur with many years of experience. His job is to make sure Wild Secrets is going down the same successful path as his other concerns, such as and

The company he has owned and operated since 1998 is called IBSA. His company buys and invests in online businesses with lots of potential, and then IBSA ensures those online business meet their potential to the fullest.

Gerrard Giummarra is probably the right person for this job. As we can see from the research, this man is masterful at online marketing and building businesses online. He has a really good eye in being able to read the market signs and investing in the right places at the right time. His previous businesses - trading under the symbol REA in the ASX – are worth around $9 billion. Not too shabby in a post-2008 market crash world.

We could even be a little bit envious!

Another side operation are the lingerie sites ; and (online shop for men) - This site is currently only available in domain. The Wild Secrets website contains exactly the same stock as the stuff on Fantasy Lingerie and FGMO. So, don’t be surprised when you visit all these sites only to find they have the duplicate lingerie/ condom ranges!

IBSA also owns the domains , and .

Wild Secrets Attempt to Expand into the UK Market

One endeavour that isn’t so clear cut and dried at the moment is their plan to enter the UK market. The domain has been purchased, but it was automatically redirecting to in the past. Now it’s not redirecting there anymore, which means they’ve dropped their expansion plans for the UK market (one of the toughest ones).

Technically, the logistics are more complicated (although some businesses like Book Depository and ASOS do ship items from the UK to New Zealand). WildSecrets have made things easier by having only one site, although it changes domain name and currency based on user location. A website user in Auckland can enjoy the same user experience as one in Melbourne. Therefore, it shouldn’t be a problem to replicate their success to the UK market if prices are reasonable and the logistics network is robust enough to support their sales there.

One overview we will like to examine is how this business changed its website, and what they have learnt along the way.

What Wild Secrets First Website Looked Like was around 2005, and one of the first website layouts looked like this:

 Wild Secrets first website layout

With the doubtful description, “A new experience in online adult shopping…” – it really makes you giggle when looking back on how the internet has changed in the past 15 years. Back in the day, one feature that was very common for adult sites to have was age verification (‘are you over 18’) or this ugly front page verbal warning. It probably had something to do with legal liabilities, say for example, in case of an underage product purchase. Then the company could simply claim they did their due diligence by setting up the warnings, etc. and the user confirmed he/she is over 18 in contradiction to the disclaimer.

How Wild Secrets Looked in 2006

Anyhow, in 2006 they tried a new look:

 Wild Secrets website 2006 look

And after you continue to browse, you arrive at this:

30% Off at wild secrets

More Website Changes

Around 2010 the site got an even more user-friendly look:

Free gift with every order over $100

Immediate delivery

No hassle exchange policy

Discreet billing and shipping.

We’re are talking about 2010 here! There are many companies today who don’t even offer this kind of customer service.

 Best customer service of Wild secrets in 2010


In 2012 they had another colour touch up, magenta with a touch of indigo:

 Wild Secrets 2012 colour touch up


And by 2017, they had finally arrived at the look they have today:

Wild secrets site's 2017 look 


And today’s look for comparison:

 Today's look of Wild secret site

Very nice look, with a high quality banner. Well done WildSecrets. We do believe our industry has a lot to learn from you guys. A big thank you for setting the bar so high.


Once of the greatest marketing advantage Wild Secrets has is their affiliate program. They are offering staggering 25% commission on all sales, and they’ve been doing it for long time.

 Wild Secrets affiliate program

Also, they use advertising coupons on many coupon sites and together with the affiliate site, this enables them to get a lot of backlinks and rank their sites very nicely in Google SERP (search engine results page). Even if Wildsecrets doesn’t generate any direct sales, it still benefits from the prestige those links provide. Given the fact that some of the sites are old and have been around for long time, the ranking increases their staying power. This is a smart move, one we ourselves are thinking about doing, in fact.

Example of a coupon site promoting Wildsecrets (

 Coupon codes of Wildsecrets


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