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Sex Shops in Hamilton

Have you ever wandered around the Waikato River or the picturesque Hamilton Gardens and thought how you could improve your sex life (of course you did)? You’re probably not alone. In the city that contains 165,000 people as to 2020, there are probably thousands of people thinking exactly the same thing. After pondering this for a while you would probably walk over to Victoria Street for a nice stroll amongst the gangs and the junkies.. Just kidding… Or maybe we aren’t

How do we know?

Hamilton does have many sex shops (mainly around the city centre) compared with its population, but even they are declining rapidly.

So why should you buy online? Well for a start it’s much more convenient. Even if the traffic is not as bad in Auckland you still need to take your car, pay for parking and then avoid the friendly homeless people walking around. So instead, you can now find your favourite sex toy online and save yourself some time. And when it comes to your hard earned cash there’s good news as well since online stores are generally cheaper than bricks and mortar stores and regularly run sex toy clearance sales with savings of up to 50-70% off.

And what about the funny looks when you’re coming out of an adult shop with a giant dildo? Things could get awkward fast if you ran into your best friend or mother in law as you strut out the door with a 10 inch dong in your hand. it’s moments like these that make it much more discreet to buy online. No more awkward conversations when you run into your boss after hours with a sex doll under your arm..

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And with big brother in full effect these days think about the cameras and CCTV’s that could record and store these type of embarrassing photos forever? It's getting much harder to sneak into an adult store in Hamilton these days, but buying online has never been easier. With thousands of products in stock and delivery times in New Zealand normally under 48 hours it's easy to see why more and more kiwis are buying their adult toys online.

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