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Top 5 Sex Toys for Lesbians

The Top 5 Sex Toys Every Lesbian Should Have in Her Bedside Table

It doesn’t matter if you’re a butch dyke with a flannel shirt in every colour or an ultra-femme maiden who digs designer shoes, every lesbian and girl + girl couple needs a collection of sex toys. Even gold star lesbians should look at owning at least one dildo in case she has a date over who fancies it. Here are the top 5 sex toys for woman on woman action.

Top 5 lesbian sex toys

Revolver II Vibrating Strapless Strap on Dildo

Whoever designed the Revolver II Vibrating Strap On Dildo is a genius. It is crafted with smooth lines on the outer protruding piece and has a slight bumpy ridge that is placed over the clitoral area. The entire model attaches itself to the user’s body by means of a G-spot stimulating shaped insertion. It looks beautiful and feels even better (for the wearer and the recipient). The vibrating is subtle and effective. It comes highly recommended as the ultimate one size fits all (and makes them come) tool.

King Cock Slim Double Dildo – 12 inches

This model is the perfect fit for bi-curious partners who want to try something new. This item flies off the shelves the minute it's in stock because of its hyper-realistic look. It is flexible enough for you to be able to use your King Cock Slim Double Dildo in a variety of positions. It fills up every nook and cranny while freeing up the fingers to get busy on top. The most inviting looking dildo on anyone’s list.

Fetish Fantasy Vibrating Strapless Strap-On

This little number simply screams “Use me!” to the lucky lady who has a partner with this in her bedroom. It is highly functional while managing to look pretty and neat. The swirls get on right up inside the user and the strap-on part is crafted to reach all the tender spots inside. The vibrations can be set at a slow throbbing pulse or something a bit zestier. This is the best make and model for girls who don’t want their toys looking like a male member.

Fetish Fantasy Elite Penetrix Dildo 7 inch Vibrator – Purple

If you are a bit of a control freak, you will love the Fetish Fantasy Elite Penetrix Dildo 7 inch Vibrator because you get to control the vibrations with a discrete wire attachment. This is another good model for women who don’t want their toys to look like a cock. In fact, there have been reports this dido is ever better than the real thing! It fits comfortably inside each user and is shaped to probe all those hard to find places that are just out of reach when you try to get there with fingers. The colour purple is just so cute as well.

Dillio 16 inch Double Dong

Sixteen inches is the perfect length to get deep inside while still maintaining closeness and control. This is why the Dillio 16 inch Double Dong is on this list. It has two different girths at either end of the double dong which is a brilliant idea as not everyone always feels like being filled to the brim. A gentle thrust action can be one way of riding this toy but it also lends itself to hard rocking and even a few soft slaps in the face. The texture is inviting and becomes even more effective with a generous lathering of lube. The pink and purple colour choices are darling.

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