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Are Male Sex Toys Developing at a Faster Rate than Female Sex Toys?

When you go online to buy sex toys these days, you might just notice that the male section is looking very well stocked with amazing looking gadgets. In fact, every time I have a look to see what’s cooking in the sex toys for men ranges, I get a twinge of penis envy: they look so deliciously titillating I wish I had a penis so that I could try them out. Is it possible that male toys are being developed at a faster rate than they are for women?

New Developments in Male Sex Toys

The landing page for Male Sex Toys is a veritable smorgasbord of tech + imagination. The masturbators section includes the most recent invention to make a man close his eyes and believe they are inside the real deal; yes, I’m talking about the Fleshlight. As far as I can tell, nothing as innovative as this has been made for women in recent years.

Not only are male sex toys incredibly good at bringing a man to that special point of ecstasy, but they seem to be spending a large portion of the budget on design. When I look at the entrance hole of the Fleshlight, it seems so realistic to me that I am reminded of a few encounters I had in college. The designers of this device also had the balls to shape it like a cute ice cream cone, a true case of thinking outside the box!

Male Sex Toys

21st Century Boy

What makes me claim that male toys are possibly getting better than their female counterpart is the fact that dildos are not an exclusively feminine domain. Really old dildos have been found in archaeological digs across Europe, but no one can be sure if the phallic shaped “ice age batons” were used by women exclusively. All they can say is the ones that have been found were rubbed smooth from frequent use: Way to go, Paleolithic Cave Person!

When you look at the design of the 30,000 year old dildos, you will see that they have lovingly carved veins, retracted or absent foreskins, urethras, and muscle definition in most of them. Heck, some of them even have piercings, scars, and tattoos. All we have done in the last three centuries, is add a battery. Does this scream of innovative development to you?

The Best and Newest Sex Toys for Men

The latest sex toy invention for men, that is the perfect mix between technology and brilliance, has to be the flesh tone Pieces of Ass. It is the culmination of lifelike feeling latex-free silicone and hyper-realistic hind quarters. You can even buy a special liquid to clean it with afterwards. When did women get stuck with having to stick the dildos in the dishwasher?

I remember the days when a penis pump was just a plastic tube with a squeeze bottle at the end of it. The number of times I saw male strippers backstage, pumping one of these things until they were red in the face. Now all you have to do is buy the Bathmate Hydromax X30, which does all the heavy lifting for you, and has amazing results.

When I think about the genius who put so much time and effort designing these sex toys for men, I wonder if there is another person in the same laboratory doing the same for female ones. There may be a newly invented clitoral stimulator about to be launched in 2019, but it will be along the same lines as previous models.

How Sex Toys Have Developed Through the Ages

In the past, it was easier to carve a pole than it was to make a hole. Women, and men who love penetration, had it real good for the last 30 millennia or so. When plastic and electricity came around, the second thing that human’s thought about inventing, after they had the lights turned on and plastic water bottles, must have been,“How can I make a realistic-feeling vagina to even the playing field a little bit?”

After that, it was not long before we had Real Dolls that can pretty much do everything except the cooking, and silicone sex doll torsos, that have the best looking secondary sexual characteristics to be seen outside of the old Playboy Mansion. Is female sex toy development able to stay abreast of this surge in innovation?

Clitoral stimulation is a very hidden activity. This is because it happens inside a women’s body, and not outside, like a man. Once a woman has discovered what brings her to orgasm, whether it is oral or penetrative sex, it is not that easy for her to adapt to another method of stimulation to bring herself to climax.

There are many women who have tried out an alternative to their sex toy of choice, and found that it doesn’t quite hit the spot. This is why so many Rabbits are sold around the world. As an example, you don’t see a lot of people out there attempting to redesign the wheel.

Popular Women Sex Toys

In the world of sex toys and gadgets, women are very happy to keep buying a different version of the ultra-popular Rabbit, and men continue to try to reinvent the wheel. When it comes to sex toys, men don’t just want an invention that has been around as long as the wheel, they want to invent the sex toy equivalent of a rocket ship that will blast them to the moon.

Check out the amazing pre-historic dildos in these links!


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