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What Foods Are Guaranteed to Increase Your Libido?

Most people have a reset button inside their body that begins to gear it up again for another orgasm the second the last one explodes. Some have it happen much faster than others. We have heard about those lucky few who are able to ask for Round Two after their throbbing spot has taken a minute to stop pulsating. 

Then there are the poor, unfortunate souls who just can’t seem to keep up with their partner’s urges. There wouldn’t be Agony Auntie Help Pages if everyone’s libido was perfectly in sync. Admit it: some of you take a secret schadenfreude in reading the jaw-dropping accounts of the people who write into the Help Pages, and complain that they haven’t had sex for 5 years because their partner is not interested.

Are there perhaps foods that can be eaten to increase the libido?


There are two categories of libido enhancers:

The old wives’ tales


Then there are two categories that are the most popular scenarios for when libido enhancers are required;

Faster recovery time

Revive a non-existent libido or weak one

 Old Wives’ Tales vs Science

Just off the top of the head, it is possible to recall one food that was eaten by porn actors to prepare them for the ordeal of filming, before the magnificent Viagra was invented. They also consumed large amounts of cinnamon to make their jizz taste and smell better.

Iceberg Lettuce – This was a staple in the diets of porn actors who wanted to increase their performance. It was said to improve the libido as well as produce much more sperm to ejaculate (if there was not enough sperm for a face shot, the producers would have to supplement the amount with a syringe full of glycerin and icing sugar- Now you know!).

The science of this is more in line with the premise that if someone is eating a diet full of iceberg lettuce, then they are less likely to be chowing down junk food.

Foods to increase libido

Oysters – We have all heard about the legendary cockster, Casanova, who reputedly consumed 50 oysters for breakfast every morning, to give him the strength to fulfil his daily obligations of laying pipe to the ladies of Venice. The truth is that these bivalves contain aspartate amino acids that cause male rats to produce more testosterone, and female rats to produce more progesterone.

Psychologists are willing to stick their necks out in support of this aphrodisiac. They state that because molluscs, like oysters and mussels, look and smell like the female pudenda, it revives the libido faster. They go on to say that the sucking and licking someone does while eating them, is also a sure-fire turn on.

This seems to be a case where both scientists and old wives’ tales agree. Or it could just be that if you can afford to eat 50 oysters every day, you are so wealthy that you must be fighting off people willing to try all sorts of kinky things to get you in the mood.

Chilies – The capsaicin in chilies is said to make both the tongue and sex organs all hot and bothered. They don’t contain any chemicals that have been scientifically proven to increase your sex drive. However, the sweating, redness, heat, and fast heart rate simulate sexual excitement in such a way that the mind can be fooled into thinking it’s the real thing.

They say that the best way to assuage the burn from a chilli rush, is to have some milk. But they don’t say what kind of milk it has to be 😉

 Chocolate – South America didn’t just give the Western world Montezuma’s revenge (the upset stomach experienced by so many tourists); it gave us chocolate: the way to a person’s heart and Valentine’s Day staple. Montezuma himself was said to eat cocoa beans before a night with his many wives.

Chocolate contains phenylethylamine and tryptophan, both active during arousal in very small amounts. The catch is that in order to consume enough of these amino acids for them to affect the sex drive, you would have to be guzzling 10 kg of candy every time you wanted to feel it. If you’re doing that, getting sexually aroused will be the least of your problems.

Alcohol – This is one of the more popular old wives’ tales. The only thing that alcohol does to add to your desire, is lower your inhibitions. A glass or two will also dilate the capillaries, making it easier for the blood to flow around. More than that, and you will probably be needing to reach for the toilet bowl instead of the lubricant.

Nuts – Nuts are a really good source of zinc. Men expel zinc whenever they ejaculate. Eating nuts gives you better recovery time and higher sex drive. Just don’t overdo the roasted, salted kind.

Asparagus – It’s easy to see where the old wives’ tale got the idea that asparagus is good for sex. It is shaped like a long, firm penis when raw, and makes pee smell weird. An interesting side fact is that there is a percentage of the population that can neither smell the asparagus enzyme expelled during urination, or be affected by it.

That aside, asparagus is an excellent source of folic acid. This is used to regulate the histamines, and that ends up elevating the body’s ability to have orgasms. Please file this vegetable as good for both recovery and drive.

Bananas – There are many other fruit and vegetables out there that contain potassium. The reason why bananas are said to be an aphrodisiac is the shape.

Avocado – Yes, avos are a good source of healthy fats and other nutrients, and they are shaped like large, pendulous testicles. However, they have not been proven to do anything for the libido. It’s just another aphrodisiac myth because the Aztecs thought that because they looked like balls, they must be good for them as well.

Eggs – In ancient times, the patron of a virgin geisha would be given half a dozen eggs when he spent his first night with her. Every night, he would crack one of the six raw eggs into a bowl.

The first night, the patron dipped one finger in the egg and inserted it into the virgin’s vagina. The next night, two fingers, and so on. The sixth egg was for the entire hand to be dipped and inserted. On the seventh night, the girl would be ready for penetration with the real deal.

They didn’t eat the eggs, but that story is inspiring enough for anyone to get a little hot and horny. 

After reading this, you can continue to rely on science and pop that Viagra or the BlueJack. Or you can eat, drink, and be merry enough to hit the hay with nothing in your system except vitamins and enzymes.

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