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Sex Shops in Christchurch


The beautiful city of Christchurch is nothing but spectacular! Vast public garden parks, old fashioned streets, and the obligatory town square. On the modern side of things, Christchurch also has bustling construction sites and the busy harbour, all the factors that point to expansion and growth.

In addition to this fine mix of old and new, there are boutiques, department stores, and coffee shops. In fact, everything in the city has a perfect blend of urban activity and open spaces full of trees. The city’s winding river Avon might be a bit dirty, but the shops certainly aren’t.


Christchurch is a great little city with an interesting history (well documented by one of the oldest museums to be found in New Zealand). However, what this place lacks is a good sex toys inventory. You can find only two adult themed shops in Christchurch, putting per capita aside, it is a significantly lesser number than the 11 you will find in Auckland. Why it should be this way, we have no idea. The competition is relatively non-existent and the items are priced in the high mark-up zone. We know this actually because one of our team members finds herself in CHCH several times a year.

Maybe it’s the thought of another earthquake trapping people inside an adult themed shop that gets in the way. All you would be able to eat and drink is the edible panties and lubricants. Now that we have you laughing at our humour, all signs point to the undeniable fact that Christchurch is getting its sex toys from online shopping. And why not? It must be a more comfortable thing to do in winter than walk through Edgeware, Sydenham, or Riccarton roads over the weekend in search for a sex shop.

This has got us wondering why people are even bothering going to visit an adult themed shop at all. The hassle with finding parking, paying for parking, getting back to the car before your time runs out, well, you get where we are going with this. It’s simply better, easier, and more fun to do it at home.

The excitement of cranking up your computer and trolling the internet for better priced sex toys, that will arrive 48 hours after you have placed your order, is how people shop for their erotica and kinky stuff in the 21st century. But don’t take our word for it. Try it now: You will be absolutely titillated with the results!

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