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Is it Possible to Create Any Flavour Condom?

Has the thought ever crossed your mind before, during, or after sex if the flavoured condoms you used were available in something other than banana, strawberry, and mint? Fruit tastes and after dinner mint tang is okay if you enjoy those palate cleansers in the world when you are not in the bedroom.


Flavoured Condoms

But what if your favourite flavours are something other than what is currently on offer by the condom manufacturers of today? Should they maybe all get together and think outside the box? Is it even possible to do?

Condom Flavouring Explained

After a thorough reading of the condom manufacturer’s instruction book to see if your flavoured condoms are safe for sex play, you can choose which flavour you want to taste. There is already a considerable range of tastes available: grape, orange, bubblegum, chocolate, vanilla, cola, even bacon.

This is because whatever flavouring you find in your local supermarket foods or soda can dispenser can be incorporated into the latex used to make condoms. Just take a whiff of the bacon bits you sprinkle on your salad or the grapetastic purple soda made by a leading manufacturer. You will understand where the condom makers are getting their flavouring additives from when you do. 

Why Are Flavoured Condoms So Popular?

To put it simply, flavoured condoms are so popular because anything tastes better than latex (don’t get us started on the horror that comes with sucking on spermicidal!). There are the universal favourites like cherry, strawberry, raspberry – anything berry. And then there are the ones that can really make you raise an eyebrow. Read through this list if you are in the mood to have your eyebrow raised:


Caipirinha (lime, sugar, and Cachaça liquor)



Durian Fruit


Clear proof that any flavour condom will have a fan out there wanting to buy it.


No matter what is your favourite flavour, the taste-making industry is worth billions. There are also billions of flavour compounds to match the money this industry makes. Flavour molecules are derived from fatty and amino acids, carbohydrate compounds, and nutrient enzymes. Mix some of them together in a certain way and you can obtain any flavour from burnt toast to hummus.

Flavour is that sensation of both taste and smell combined. Anyone who has used a flavoured condom can be a witness to the fact that they definitely smell better then they taste. This is because the tongue can only register salt, sweet, bitter, sour, and umami, the rest is the smell. Maybe the person using the condom is having enough coordination problems already without having to bother about breathing through the nose.

The answer to the question why are more crazy flavour condoms not on the market, it would have to be that the demand is simply not there to merit their production. The caipirinha flavour was produced for the last Olympics, so it had potential as a souvenir.

But if someone was to start up a petition for garlic flavoured condoms, we doubt if it would gain much momentum. Until a truly unique new tasting condom comes along, consumers will keep buying berry flavours none the wiser that their appetites could be bigger. 




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