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Sex After 80

Yes, we dare to go there. If someone is lucky enough to hit the big eight-oh, then they should be lucky enough to have some sex if that is what both parties desire. Goodness knows that they should be old enough to be free of the #MeToo and #NoMeansNo noises that pound the social media portals everywhere. They probably don’t use social media at all.

At this stage, it is probably necessary to add the disclaimer that we take the issues of those movements very seriously. We are in no way wishing to make fun of what is a very serious problem for anyone, no matter what their age. Now, on with the subject at hand – sex after eighty years old. Is it even a thing?

It is a biological imperative that a man continues to want to have sex as long as he is healthy enough to do it. This is because the female of the species throughout nature is selective about her mate. The longer a man stays productive, the longer he will have a chance of planting his DNA in a partner.


Old Couple in Bed


Women have completely dissimilar urges to men. Their biological leaning is towards finding an ideal mate who is able to provide them with the right environment in which to raise their offspring. Bringing children to adulthood is such a strenuous task, the female stays fertile (interested in sex) as long as she is strong enough mentally and physically to do this.

One of the facts of life and sex is that once a woman hits menopause she loses interest in sex or at least experiences a diminishment in her sex drive. This is because the hormones driving her lust are just not there anymore. She may feel an urge to copulate out of a sense of duty to her partner, but the feelings that once compelled her to mate and orgasm are gone.

Proof of Sex After 80

For the proof that sex does indeed happen after the age of 80 is to be found in all of the old age homes. These places are a hotbed of bedroom shenanigans for a very good reason: the dynamics that govern the sexual behaviour of people in the outside world no longer apply.

Men are in the minority in old age homes. They are, in fact, rare. This rarity factor is what contributes to men being able to call the shots, sexually speaking. When you are the only 80 year old man in an old age home full of women, then you can pick or choose who you want to be your girlfriend. And one of the provisos those men usually attach to that is sex.

The ladies in the old age homes are more than happy to oblige that request for several reasons.

  • They have the bragging rights of having landed the man as their partner. This victory is something that they are prepared to have sex to gain.
  • They have gotten over the hang-ups of being ashamed of how their body looks and embraced their vintage physiological appearance.
  • They are lonely and will do anything to have a partner.
  • They were sexually repressed with their long-term partner and since his death have been thinking long and hard about how they would like to explore certain aspects of their sexuality that they did not have the opportunity to do so before.
  • Woman for the last 20 years have embraced the fitter, healthier, and cosmetic surgery side of life and are looking and feeling better for it well into their octogenarian years.


Sex after 80


Further proof of this fact is the escalation of sales of Viagra, and other erection enhancing medicines, to the occupants of old age homes all over the world. And we say – go for it, great grandparents, if it makes you happy!

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